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Ethologists for the Ethical Treatment of Animals
Citizens for Responsible Animal Behavior Studies

Marc Bekoff and Jane Goodall (co-founders)

Mission Statement

Our purpose is to develop and to maintain the highest of ethical standards in comparative ethological research that is conducted in the field and in the laboratory. Furthermore, we wish to use the latest developments from research in cognitive ethology and on animal sentience to inform  discussion and debate about the practical implications of available data and for the ongoing development of policy. Scientists, non-scientists, teachers, and students are most welcomed to join.


Welcome to EETA. We are absolutely thrilled with the international response by people from a wide variety of disciplines - scientists and non-scientists alike. Our goal is to stimulate wide-ranging discussion so as to have people think deeply about what they are doing in their respective research projects with diverse species. Bringing together people from various fields, with different backgrounds and interests but with shared visions, will raise awareness and foster communication so that ethological research will come to be conducted more ethically and responsibly, and alternatives to routinely invasive methods will be developed and implemented. Also, people will be made aware as quickly as possible of approved alternatives. We recognize that ethological research will continue in the future and that we are accountable for how we study other animals. As we learn more about the cognitive and emotional lives of other beings, and this information is shared widely, windows into their lives will be opened and a deeper understanding of their minds and emotions will help us develop more ethically sound, noninvasive methods. Thank you for your support.

Marc Bekoff and Jane Goodall, 5 July 2000


Read Marc's essay "Animal emotions and animal sentience and why they matter" [pdf]
For more information on the book in which this essay and one by Jane Goodall appears please see the Earthscan website
Marc interviewed by Vegan Magazine

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Jane Goodall and Marc Bekoff [photo by Mike Weddle]
Websites for Marc's and Jane's publications can be found at http://literati.net/Bekoff and http://literati.net/Goodall/. We encourage people to bring relevant books and articles to our attention.

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